Folketingets formands tale i Landstingssalen ved Zelenskyjs besøg

Mister President 

I am delighted to welcome you to the Danish parliament. It is a great honor to have you. 

Also a warm welcome to The First Lady, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chief of Staff, his Excellency the Ukrainian Ambassador and members of the Ukrainian delegation. 
In the early hours of 24th of February last year, we were shocked to learn that the Russian aggressor had invaded Ukraine.  

The free world will forever remember this day as a day of shame for Russia. 

The Danish Parliament stands in solidarity with Ukraine. You can rest assured that we will continue to do so. Ukraine must prevail in its struggle for freedom. 
Denmark and Ukraine share the same values of democracy and nations’ right to self-determination ensured in the UN-charter. Your visit underscores the strong bonds that exist between our two nations.  

On behalf of all the members of the Danish Parliament, it gives me great pleasure to say that Ukraine has our full support. Our deepest respect and sympathy.   

All the political parties in Denmark are unified when it comes to military, financial and humanitarian support to Ukraine. 

Ukraine belongs to the European family. Ukraine’s struggle is therefore also Denmark’s struggle. 

I have taken note of your remark, “I need ammunition – not a ride”. It says a lot about your personal character and your determination to win the war for Ukraine. For your people. For freedom.    

Mr. President, I have never met you before in person, but somehow it seems to me that I already know you. I have seen you numerous times on television, and I have the utmost respect for your dedicated leadership in these difficult times for your country. You are a guiding star for your people. 

You addressed the members of the Danish Parliament by a video-link more than 14 months ago.  At the time, the members were standing in the very same room as we do now when they saw you on the video-screen.  

Now we have the pleasure of you in real life. It is a great privilege.  We are eager to learn more about the current situation in Ukraine.  

Mr. President, the floor is yours.